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Would recommend the Modbury Retrievers to anyone, fantastic dogs.

Mr. A Murphy

Puppy Training

My partner, who is an A Panel Kennel Club Field Trial judge, offers one-to-one and residential gundog training for any of the gundog breeds. Please contact us for details.

When you buy a puppy from Modbury, you can be assured that he will have been well socialized with other dogs of various ages, been exposed to different noises and situations. They will have visited the vet twice, had a short car journey, been exposed to chickens, ducks, horses. They are regularly walked around our garden also.

I often have people looking for older dogs and have re-homed a few Goldens that I have had in due to marital breakups, allergies etc. Thankfully I have only had one of the dogs that I have bred returned due to a marital breakup. I will help to find a suitable puppy from a reputable breeder if you require and am willing to offer advice about training and bringing up a golden retriever if required.

I will be able to offer assistance and advice with initial training of your puppy.

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